Cookie Name Purpose More information
Psyma Survey psyma_participation This cookie is used to indicate your participation in the Psyma online survey, as well as to prevent multiple invitations during a visit to this website whilst the survey is live (approx. 30 days). It does not contain any data from the survey or any reference to the individual visitor. Psyma
Adobe Web Analytics cc_digital_eventAttributes; cc_digital_userCookie; cc_digital_sessionCookie; cc_digitalprofileCookie; ccdigital_testCookie These third party cookies are used by Adobe Site Catalyst Analytics to collect anonymous information about how you visit the site in order to improve performance. Adobe Web Analytics
Live Chat anox_MINIUK_0 This cookie contains a value of how many icons you have declined, this controls how many intuitive icons you see in your customer journey, currently the limit is 1 per day. klick 2 contact
Live Chat anox_history This cookie contains the customer history of pages on the MINI site where the K2C script is installed. This cookie is deprecated and will be replaced by events in the latest version. klick 2 contact
Live Chat anox_visited This cookie shows how many times the K2C Live Chat icon has slid out for you. This is a session cookie so expires when you close your browser. klick 2 contact
doubleclick.net anox_id This cookie is used for advertising tracking purposes, and will enable eBay to serve you relevant MINI related advertising when visiting eBay.co.uk Using ad choice